Verses of Protection


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  • Author: Rizwana Sayed

Verses of Protection

Part of the 'Sakina Awrad Series

'Small compilation of selected Quranic verses by those of divine insight for purification of the heart, cure spiritual maladies, and for the removal of anxieties, worries and calamities.

Published by Sakina Publishing

Includes the Arabic text with English transliteration of the following azkars:

Ayat ul Kifaya
Ayat ul Hifz
Ayat ul ismati min fitna til Dajjal
Ayat ul Khamsa Ashra
Ayat ul Kafa'a
Ayat ul Shafa
Ayat u tashtamilu ala isme Azam
Ayat ul Fath
Ayat ul Khamsu lil faraji wa Kuruji min Shida
Ayat ul Kifaya min Hu moom.

This is the second edition, which has been revised, with the English transliteration. Perfect bound with gloss laminated cover