Emanations of Lordly Grace

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Emanations of Lordly Grace. Translated from the Arabic by Muhtar Holland

A collection of the work and explanations of Shaikh 'Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani (may Allah be well pleased with him), that includes definition and attributes of the seven selves [nafs], an explanation of the names of the seven stations [maqamat], the creed ['aqida] of the Supreme Helper (may Allah be well pleased with him), the meaning of the names of the Qadiriyya order, the remarkable virtues of al-Jilani the Qutb, the names of our master, 'Abd al-Qadir, litanies [awrad] for the taming of hearts and for emergency situations; how to offer the greeting of peace [salam] to the men of the unseen [Ghaib] and much much more.

The main theme of this book is the prayer of supplication (du'a) addressed to Allah, Almighty and Glorious is He, in various traditional forms, invocations of blessing on the Prophet, peace be upon him, and numerous poems attributed to Shaikh 'Abd al-Qadir, may Allah be well pleased with him.