Al-La Madhhabiyya


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  • Author: Dr. M Sa'id Ramadan Al-Bouti
  • ISBN: 9789079294244

Al-La Madhhabiyya
Abandoning the Madhhabs is the Most Dangerous Bid'ah
Threatening the Islamic Shari'ah
Shaykh Dr. Muhammad Sa'id Ramadan al-Buti
Sunni Publicationss
Paperback 160 Pages

In the last century, a movement has appeared calling for the abandonment of the traditional Islamic Madhhabs. This misleading call falsely presented as 'following the Qur’an and Sunnah’ has caused confusion amongst the Muslim masses. The people of knowledge have termed this movement’s call and its supporters 'la madhhabiyya’. One of the sources for the spread of this innovation was a book written by Muhammad Sultan al-Ma'sumi al-Khajnadi al-Makki which was translated and distributed in English as 'Should a Muslim Follow a Particular Madhhab?’ and 'The Blind Following of Madhhabs’. It was in response to this book, taught and revered by prominent 'la madhhabi’ scholars, that Shaykh Dr. Muhammad Sa'id Ramaḍan al-Buti first wrote his groundbreaking work. Later editions of this book, the translation of which we have before us, included the aftermath of various debates Shaykh al-Buti was subsequently challenged to by his opponents and also incorporated counter-replies to the likes of the late Shaykh Muhammad Nasiruddin al-Albani, Muhammad 'Id 'Abbasi, Mahmud Mahdi al-Istanbuli and Khayruddin Wanli. This book is a decisive refutation of those who call to the misguidance of 'Abandoning the Madhhabs’ for it is, indeed, The Most Dangerous Bid'ah Threatening the Islamic Shari'ah.

About By Dr M Sa'id Ramadan al Buti

    Born in 1929 in the village of Jilka in the  Turkish boundaries, north of Iraq and  immigrated to Damascus

    Completed his legal secondary study in the Institute of  Islamic Guidance in Damascus, and joined the faculty of religion at Al-Azhar University.

    Appointed as dean in the faculty of religion at Damascus University in 1960, and deputed to Al-Azhar University to attain doctorate in the roots of the Islamic law.

    Appointed as instructor in the college of law of Damascus University in 1965, as a deputy of the college later on and as its dean in the end.

    Participated, in many global conferences and symposia, and is, in addition, a member in the royal society of the Islamic Civilization Researches in Amman, and member in the higher board of Oxford academy.