A Commentary of the Ratib of Imam al-Haddad


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  • Author: Imam Abdalah ibn Alawi Al-Haddad

In his extraordinary work, Habib Alawi has laid down the foundations of the religion in light of the Ratib, the famous litany of his grandfather, the Axial Saint, Imam Abdallah bin Alawi al-Haddad. Not only does he lay down the foundations, but he expounds on each topic, eventually covering the levels of Islam, Iman and Ihsan.

His aim is to inform the people that each invocation in the Ratib has an intentional purpose and it is not a random compilation. There is a purpose behind the order, sequence, and number. The Imam has carefully selected the words in the supplications, and his selection alludes to his extensive knowledge of Allah. 

Over 500 pages, this extensive work has meticulously been translated into English, capturing the tremendous benefits and deep insights to a litany that is widely read across the world.

Printed in hardback, this commentary is an essential book for any student of knowledge.


525 pages