Benefits of Dhikr (CD)


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Benefits of Dhikr (CD)

Delivered by Shaykh Faisal Hamid Abdur-Razak

This is an exciting talk that covers a very important subject of Dhikr – the Remembrance of Allah I. The Shaykh introduces this subject beginning at the meaning of Dhikr, the types of Dhikr and the benefits to us, and how Dhikr can impact our communities from doing Dhikr in accordance to Traditional Islam. The Shaykh highlights verses of the Holy Qur'an and significant Prophetic Traditions. The talk is delivered in an easy format style for us to follow and serves as a useful reminder for others.

The CD includes a small 20 page booklet that contains selected commentaries of the Beautiful Qur'anic verse:
"Therefore Remember Me, I Will Remember you "[2:152]
from some of the greatest Scholars of Islam, selected commentaries of a specific part of an illuminating Hadith and the Hadith of Jibril (peace be with him) which mentions the meaning of "Ihsan". These translations have been undertaken by some of our Scholars including Shaykh Amjid Mahmood, Shaykh Muhammad Yaseen and senior students; Sidi Naser Rashid and Sidi Shammas Rahim (both are involved in an exciting initiative Honouring Tradition)

CD: 60 + minutes