The Miracles of the Quran (4 CD's) Translation by Hamza Yusuf


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  • Author: Shaykh Abdallah Bin Bayyah

4 CD's By Shaykh bin Bayyah
Translation by Hamza Yusuf

The Miracles of the Qur’an (4 CD set) by Shaykh Abdallah bin Bayyah, is really a miracle of traditional Islamic education. The penetrating insights that the Shaykh provides are the fruits of a youth spent mastering the tools necessary to plumb the depths of the deepest subject, the Book of God.

Shaykh Abdallah is a master of the sciences of Arabic which number twelve according to some scholars and fifteen according to others. All of these sciences have branches and the pursuit of them is endless. The Qur’an is a miracle because its meanings are like the ocean's waves, unrelenting and over time reducing the heart to crushed grains of sand on the shore of divine presence, no longer standing in defiance to the waves but malleable and yielding in a state of submission. The Shaykh has spent a lifetime contemplating the ocean of the Qur’an, crushed by the force of its meanings and one can feel in his gentle voice the humility that has come from a lifetime of exposure to its might and majesty.