Stations of the Wayfarers

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  • Author: Shaikh al-Islam Abdullah Ansari
  • ISBN: 9782841614912

Raqim Foundation has printed for the first time ever, from Arabic to English, the translation of Abdullah Ansari's Stations of the Wayfarers, a masterpiece by one of the most influential Sufi philosophers. In publishing this book, a project that has taken two years to complete, Raqim Foundation is promoting Afghanistan's rich cultural heritage and introducing this towering figure to the West. Ansari (1006-1089 C.E.) influenced many illustrious Eastern mystics, including the legendary Rumi from Balkh.

The book sheds light on how adoration of the One and Only God uplifted men and women to new spiritual heights, and led them on a step-by-step journey until they could go a transformation towards the most advanced stages of the path to the Divine.