Dhikr in the Vocal Form - Permissibility and Virtues of Dhikr


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  • Author: Shaykh Abd Al-Hay Lakhnavi

The Dhikr (remembrance) of Allah is not just an act of great virtue but is a requirement of religion. This Dhikr can be performed both silently and discretely, or (inexcessively) aloud and openly, and either individually, or in a group.

As Muslims moved further away from the time of the best and better generations doubts about many permissable and established practices began to be entered into the hearts of the Muslim Umma'. One such doubt being spread was about the permissibility of performing Dhikr in groups and in a raised voice. Shaykh Abd al-Hay Lakhnavi took note of this and prepared an Arabic treatise, which became renowned in both the sub continent and the Arab World, proving the permissibility of gathering and performing Dhikr in a raised voice.

Compiled and translated by Muhammad Sajid Younus