Removal of Confusion Concerning the Flood of the Saintly Seal


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  • Author: Shaykh al-Islam al-Hajj Ibrahim
  • ISBN: 9781891785474

Fons Vitae.
Removal of Confusion Concerning the Flood of the Saintly Seal Ahmad al-Tijani a translation of Kashif al-ilbas an fayda al-khatm abi' abbas
by Shaykh al-Islam al-Hajj Ibrahim
b.'Abd-Allah Niasse

Biography of Author by Sayyid'Ali Cisse
Introduction by Shaykh Hasan b.'Ali Cisse
Hadith Analysis by Shaykh Tijānī b.'Ali Cisse
Translation by 
Zachary Wright, Muhtar Holland and Abdullahi El‐Okene
The Kashif al-Ilbas is the magnum opus of twentieth-century West Africa's greatest Muslim leader, Shaykh al-Islam Ibrahim 'Abd-Allah Niasse (1900-1975).

Shaykh Ibrahim was a Muslim scholar and sage of the Tijaniyya, a Sufi order which has spread to all corners of the Muslim world since Shaykh Ahmad al-Tijani (d. 1815, Fes) established the confraternity in North Africa in the late eighteenth century.

Shaykh Ibrahim had unparalleled success in propagating the Tijaniyya, and those owing their initiation into the order to Shaykh Ibrahim currently number around one hundred million and make up more than half of all the Tijanis in the world.

The distinguishing practice of Shaykh Ibrahim's movement was tarbiya, or spiritual training. Through tarbiya, aspirants transcended the confines of their ego-selves and "tasted" the directly-experienced knowledge, or gnosis (ma'rifa), of God.

The Kashif al-Ilbas, written early on in the Shaykh's career in 1931-1932, is primarily a guide for the teaching and learning of the experiential knowledge (ma'rifa) of God on a widespread scale.

Drawing on the concept of the spiritual "flood," gnosis for all who desired it, Shaykh Ibrahim demonstrates in the Kashif that no believing man or woman should deprive him or herself of spiritual illumination.
Muhtar Holland has published numerous works and translations, the most recent being a translation of Imam al-Tirmidhi's al-Shama'il , and the upcoming 4-Volume Ihya of al-Ghazali (Fons Vitae & Muslim Literary Society, forthcoming).
He has worked as Senior Research Fellow at the Islamic Foundation in England and the Director of the Nur al-Islam Translation Center in New York.
Zachary Wright : A graduate student in African History at Northwestern University (Chicago), Zachary is also the author of On the Path of the Prophet: Shaykh Ahmad Tijani and the Tariqa Muhammadiyya (AAII Publishing, 2005).  He has been maintained close contact with the community of Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse for the last twelve years, and has studied with Shaykh Hasan and Shaykh Tijani Cisse.

Abdullahi El-Okene is a professor of Engineering at Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Nigeria. He received his instruction in the Islamic sciences in Nigeria, and later spent a good deal of time in the companionship of Shaykh Hasan Cisse, being entrusted by him with several Arabic-English translation projects. He is the Chairman of the International Organization of the Tijaniyyah Brotherhood based in Nigeria, and several other Islamic organizations.