The Savior from Error (Al-Munqidh mina 'd-Dalal)


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  • Author: Al-Ghazali
  • ISBN: 9781882216314

Translated by Muhtar Holland.

This is the 'spiritual autobiography' of the great Imam al-Ghazali, and describes what caused him to leave fame and fortune to undertake the spiritual path of the Sufis. In it, besides providing a personal history and describing the key events which led to this and flowed from it, Imam al-Ghazali takes time to repudiate the methods and logic of the philosophers and the esotericists (batiniyya) and the principles of sophistry. Lastly he provides a section on the Reality of Prophethood and the urgent need all people have for it. This is a book that contains much of value to the genuine seeker of Truth.