Ibn Ajiba Two Treatises on the Oneness of Existence

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Ibn 'Ajiba (1747-1809) was a Moroccan Sufi of the Darqawi school who studied in Fez and lived all his life in and around Tetuan. Although still relatively unknown in the English-speaking world, his writings are important for an understanding of Maghribi Sufism.

In this bi-lingual edition, with a Preface by Claude Addas and a Foreword by Hamza Yusuf, Jean-Louis Michon presents two short metaphysical treatises by Ibn 'Ajiba which shed new light on the history of Sufism and show its vitality as a living tradition in eighteenth-century Morocco.

The key idea underlying both treatises, the Oneness of Existence, reveals the enduring influence of the Ibn Arabi, more than five centuries after his death. Students of Islam in North Africa, those interested in the Sufi tradition and spiritual seekers will welcome the publication of these treatises and the useful presentation of both Arabic text and English translation on facing pages.