Marriage and Family Building in Islam


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  • Author: Dr. Muhammad Abdul Bari
  • ISBN: 9781842000830

"The book reminds Muslims that organising lavish weddings, demanding excessively expensive wedding gifts from the groom, demanding dowry from the bride's family and forcing young people to marry against their will are un-Islamic and counterproductive, and that there is no stigma in Islam to prevent divorcees from remarrying. Some space is devoted to the dangers of trying to force children to respect and obey their parents generally, using negative, condemnatory language and feelings. Mention is given to the importance of parental example, anger management and conflict resolution - 'Uncontrolled anger in the family is a recipe for disaster'. With the guidance of the Qur'an and the Sunnah, parents should model their behaviour on that of the Prophet Muhammad (saas)." (The Muslim World Book Review) 

Muslims are facing increasing challenges in building successful families and keeping them together. Some of these challenges are external in nature and are a result of the rise of extreme liberalism and materialism around us.