Reclaim Your Heart (Second Edition)


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  • Author: Yasmin Mogahed
  • ISBN: 9780990387688

Many of us live our lives entrapped by the same repeated patterns of heartbreak and disappointment. Often, we have no idea why this happens.  Reclaim Your Heart is about freeing the heart from this slavery.  It is about the journey in and out of life’s most deceptive traps.

This book was written to awaken the heart and provide a new perspective on love, loss, happiness, and pain.  A manual of sorts, Reclaim Your Heart will teach readers how to live in this life without allowing life to own you.  It is a manual of how to protect your most prized possession- the heart.

The second edition of Reclaim Your Heart features:

-Four BRAND NEW chapters

-Improved design and overall layout

-Upgraded photography/images

-Testimonials from Tariq Ramadan, Azizah Magazine, and more!

“To put it simply, this book is a must have for every Muslim woman’s library.” -Azizah Magazine

“…simple, profound and elevating…a gift, full of hope and light.” – Tariq Ramadan, Professor

“It fills the heart with light and hope – a wonderful blessing. Reclaim Your Heart is like a dear travelling companion through the unpredictable journey of life. Yasmin’s beautiful insights, wisdoms and stories have inspired readers from all over the planet.”  – Peter Gould

“To put it plainly, this is a book that makes sense of it all. All the heartbreaks, the pain, disappointments and losses that occur are put in their place… Dare I say, you may never look at hardship in the same way again.”  -Sahil UK