The Essentials of Islam (black and white cover)


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  • Author: Ahmed ibn Zayn-Habashi

The Essentials of Islam
by Ahmed ibn Zayn-Habashi
Translator :Abdal Aziz Ahmed
Edited By shaykh abdul Hakim Murad
Correction By Mustafa Azzam (Jordon) & Abdul Wahid Shakir (Sweden)
Pages: 60 : Softback |

Essentials according to the Shafi Fiqh including Iman, Salah, Fasting, Zakat, Hajj & Moral

For over three centuries the text al-Risâlah al-Jâmiah has been used across the Muslim world as a ‘primer’ for people embarking upon the study of Islam and its key principles. This is a thorough yet concise manual, which navigates the reader carefully through the essential elements of Aqida, Fiqh (of the classical Shafi’i school of law) and Tasawwuf, making it an invaluable resource for people seeking knowledge, clarity and guidance.
The translation, accompanied by the original Arabic, has made this classical work even more accessible by being rendered into the English Language. Its style and manner makes it easy for the reader to follow the basic principles without any prior knowledge or reading of Islam.