The Spheres of Islam, Iman, Ihsan & Irfan


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  • Author: Habib `Abd al-Rahman Balfaqih

“The Spheres of Islam, Iman, Ihsan, and `Irfan,” by Habib `Abd al-Rahman Balfaqih

Habib `Abd al-Rahman Balfaqih was described by his teacher, Imam al-Haddad, as “the greatest scholar on the earth.” In this unique work, he describes the Islamic faith as a series of endlessly expanding concentric spheres. In doing so, he clarifies what the seeker must do to strengthen his faith and attain the highest of spiritual stations. “Entry into Islam by pronouncing the two testifications of faith is like the central point of the Sphere of Islam and Iman. It is also the central point of the spheres which come after it: the Sphere of `Ilm (Knowledge) and Bayan (Clarification), the Sphere of Ihsan (Excellence), and the Sphere of ‘Irfan (Gnosis), and so on, endlessly.”
Although succinct in its composition, this book contains meaning which is limitless. It has been said that no work like this has ever been authored. “One of the most beneficial, comprehensive and lofty books which clarify the path to Allah and explain the realms of connection to Him and drawing close to Him.” – Habib `Umar bin Hafiz