Some Aspects of Islam in Africa


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This book is a collection of papers on aspects of Islam in Africa. The book is part of an effort to establish an independent and indigenous school of African history that sees history through African eyes, and presents it in such a way as to include internal written and oral traditions, without sacrificing the truth or academic integrity.

Topics covered include:

-The historiographical tradition of African Islam

-As-Sudan and Bilad as-Sudan in early and medieval Arabic writing

-Primary literary sources for the modern period of Sudanese history, 1898-1956

-The growth and impact of Islam on Africa

-The literature of Dan Fodio's Jihad and the Sokoto Caliphate of Northern Nigeria, 1804-1903

-Muhammad Bello and the tradition of manuals of Islamic government and advice to rulers

-Documentation and sources

-Future directions for Africa

About the author

Professor Uthman Sayyid Ahmad Ismail al-Bili is the General Supervisor of the Center for Muslim Contribution to Civilization, Doha, Qatar. He was formerly Professor of Islamic and Middle East History at Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria and the University of Qatar.