A Madinan View


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Malik said, There is only one truth. Two contradictory statements cannot both be correct, and Knowledge is a light which Allah placed wherever He wills. It is not much narration of ahadith. These apparently obvious but still powerful statements set the tone for this book which gathers together in one volume matters which often challenge the cozy but fallacious consensus that modern Muslims imagine to be so safely established. The beginning is an extensive treatment of 'aqidah according to the People of Madinah, and an examination of the contentious subject of bid'ah - innovation in the deen. One of the following chapters is an exposition of the relative merits of ahadith and 'amal - the practice of the People of Madinah - an argument which is rarely heard today. A great deal of the book is on the noble qualities of character as exemplified by men and women who held to them under extreme political pressure, in both wealth and poverty.