101 Diamonds From the Oral Tradition Of the Glorious Messenger M


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  • Author: Muhyiddin ibn al-Arabi
  • ISBN: 9781879708174

101 Diamonds From the Oral Tradition Of the Glorious Messenger Muhammad.

This exquisite collection of hadith (sayings of Muhammad), entitled "The Niche of Lights" in Arabic, was composed by Ibn al-Arabi and the translated by Lex Hixon and Fariha al-Jerrahi.

This book is a treasury of the wisdom of Sufism, which is the path of transmutation and self-realization, opened by the Prophet Muhammad, may Divine peace be upon him, over 1400 years ago. Through merging into Love, the Sufi disappears from self and reappears as Divine Love alone.

These 101 diamonds of wisdom (hadith), collected by the great mystic and knower Ibn al 'Arabi in the 13th century, are direct inspirations into the heart of the Prophet from the Source of Love and Wisdom. They take the reader on a spiritual journey to ever-deepening levels of intimate knowing, which culminate in the radiance of Paradise, surrounded by companions of Love.

This modern version of Ibn al 'Arabi's collection of oral traditions is a contemplative expansion by a contemporary Sufi teacher, Lex Hixon (Nur al-Jerrahi) and his disciple, Fariha al-Jerrahi. In fresh, poetic language, and with their own mystical passion, they bring these sacred diamonds of the Islamic tradition to the modern seeker on the spiritual path to enlightenment.

Paperback, 163 pages