The Alchemy of Happiness 5 CD Set


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  • Author: Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

The Alchemy of Happiness
This 5 disc CD set is newly designed and packaged in a convenient yet elegant folding-wallet format.
Sandala Productions
Imam al-Ghazali. Translation and commentary by Hamza Yusuf

From the colorful pages of the Islamic past emerges a figure at the turn of the 12th century peerless in his scholarship and ingenuity. He was a man who, after enduring a solemn journey to spiritual transformation, would be honored to this day as the man who revived Islam by restoring the centrality of the spiritual dimension as the focus of the Islamic sciences. His name was Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali.

In this series, Hamza Yusuf, joined by partipants of the 2006 Summer Rihla in Medina, celebrates this scholar's remarkable life and indespensable contributions to the Islamic disciplines through a study of his compendium, The Alchemy of Happiness, an abridgment of his canon Revival of the Religious Sciences. Reading and commenting on this treatise, Yusuf makes simple and beautiful what it means to know Allah, that purpose of our creation and epitome of happiness which Al-Ghazali realized in himself and keenly wanted to impart.

What is presented to the listener in this set is no less than what its title promises to deliver: the spiritual alchemy by which seekers may purify and transform their hearts until they attain the heights intended for them from knowledge of self and the Divine.