Spiritual Struggle Understanding the Science of Tasawwuf


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  • Author: Yahya Rhodus

Spiritual Struggle, Understanding the Science of Tasawwuf by Yahya Rhodus.

Call it what you may but don't get caught up on the names, because it's the reality that matters. This mesmerizing lecture is rooted in the famous Hadith of Gabriel (Jibril) in which the Messenger of God clearly establishes the status and definition of Ihsan. The science of Ihsan is commonly referred to as Sufism (ilm al-Ihsan), which is a highly codified science amongst the praiseworthy sciences. An entity is deemed lofty by the number of names attributed to it; Sufism has over 2000, with its core definition being genuine preoccupation (sidq al-tawajjuh) with the Divine. A true Sufi has no other concern, no other love, no other preoccupation except the Divine, Allah tabaraka wa ta'ala. This is all because the Sufi is treading the path of al-Mustafa (the chosen one), whose entire essence was dedicated to the Divine. By virtue of this blessed science, our mundane acts in this world gain nobility in the next and become means for proximity to our Lord. In this recording, Shaykh Yahya Rhodus concisely summarizes the science of Sufism; linguistically, historically, and pragmatically - and the role it has within the lives of believers. His insights and examples open the flood gates of Allah's mercy, leading to a crystal clear understanding and deeper appreciation of this core Islamic Science