Shakespeare and Islam: 3DVD Set - Hamza Yusuf


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  • Author: MARTIN LINGS

The words “Islam” and “Shakespeare” are rarely uttered in the same breath, but there is much in common between the religion and the playwright. That commonality was explored by two notable scholars—Hamza Yusuf and the late Dr. Martin Lings—at the historic Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in London in November, 2004.  This DVD set includes three profound talks which take the audience on an enlightening journey to reveal the power of poetry, the literary brilliance of William Shakespeare and the dire need for great art and literature to help preserve and nurture the virtues of courage, wisdom and temperance.  For viewers seeking guidance and salvation, this DVD set serves as a treasure of deep understanding, offering inspiration in the quest to find the universal truths in the classical arts.

Cover Art: John Michael Casey
Cover Design: Abdullateef Whiteman