Selections from the Burdah


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  • Author: Iman Al-Busairi
  • ISBN: 5060071981009

This compilation consists of an excellent selection from the Burdah with extracts from Hizb al-Latif and a collective Dua. The Burdah or the Prophet's cloak is a poem composed by Imam al-Busairi. It is a great classical Arabic poem in praise of the noble character and exalted status of the Prophet Muhammad. Imam al-Busairi composed the poem in the 13th Century (C.E.) after suffering a stroke which left him partially paralyzed. In a dream, he recited the poem to the Prophet Muhammad, who when touched the paralyzed part of his body and threw his cloak over him. On awakening, he discovered he had been miraculously cured of his paralysis.

This compilation also includes a series of seven verses from the Qur'an in which God is mentioned by the word Latif, one of His attributes. Al-Latif . The Gentle, the Subtle is He who executes His decrees in a gentle manner, wraps affliction in a cloak of mercy, attenuates punishments, relieves stresses and grants ease within hardship. It is beautifully concluded by a collective du'a or supplication. Ahmed Jalmam and his group perform in this entire production. Ahmed Jalmam is a well known traditional Islamic singer from Tunisia. You can still hear his call to prayer every Friday from the minaret of Sidi Bachir mosque. The beauty and uniqueness of Ahmed Jalmam's voice is derived from the long tradition of Muezzins from which he descends. This with the accompaniment from his group makes this production truly mesmerising.