ANGER - The Door to All Evil


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  • Author: Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi

ANGER - The Door to All Evil

Arabic Introduction: Glory Be To allah
The Qualities of the Believers
Legitimate Reasons for Anger
Anger that is Praiseworthy
Was the prophet Ever Angered?
Anger Management in Western Socities
The Cure for anger in Islam: A Prophetic Prescription
Angry:But against Whom?
Du'a (arabic)

Why do we get angry? What is the cure to our anger? In this Inspiring talk, given on Friday during the blessed month of Ramadan 1425/2004 at the Islamic Cultural Centre of New York. Shaykh Muhammad al Yaqoubi provides an analysis of anger - its causes and effects, and makes a comparison between anger management in western socities and the cure for it in Islam.

This CD also includes a bonus Khutba titled "The Islamic Diet of Ramadan'

Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi
Shaykh Muhammad al-yaqoubi is one of the leading scholars of Islam in the world today, He is an outstanding spiritual guide and an eloquent public speaker in both Arabic and English. His words have transformed the lives of thousands of Muslims and non-Muslims around the world. He is a descendant of Prophet from a family of scholars that have taught the sacred knowledge for centuries. He was trained very closely by his father the late Shaykh Ibrahim al-Yaqoubi, one of the greatest scholars of the modern times and a true man of allah. shaykh Muhammad was given several ijazas (licenses) in various disciplines by some of the top ulema (scholars) of Syria from the early 70's and onward, all of which have contributed to his incredible success as one of the shining stars of our time, He is indeed an ocean of knowledge and lantern of guidance