Revelation: The Story of Muhammad Peace be upon him


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  • Author: Dr. Meraj Mohiuddin
  • ISBN: 9780989628808


Discover how complex forces shaped the Prophet's life. Each segment of the Sirah is presented in a refreshingly succinct and high yield approach that guarantees mastery of the most authoritative sources of the Prophetic biography. 


Experience the Qur'an unfold, with 400+ verses that are chronologically woven into an authentic narrative of Prophet Muhammad’s life (pbuh).


Retain critical details with the help of 90+ original figures (maps, family trees, and infographics) that simplify complex material and boost retention. 


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Examine the very best commentaries on important and challenging topics by a diverse array of respected scholars and authors including Hamza Yusuf, Tariq Ramadan, Karen Armstrong, Adil Salahi, and Reza Aslan.


Connect the dots with an extensive glossary of 400+ entries that highlight each individual, their relationship with others, and the role they played.


Memorize the Sirah timeline in 10 minutes by gaining access to an innovative system that bypasses years of rote memorization.

About the author

Dr. Meraj Mohiuddin is an American physician and writer. The son of Indian immigrants, he was raised on the East Coast with a strong emphasis on sports and education. With a college background in neuro-science and medical degree from Northwestern University, he moved to Boston to complete his training in Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine.  While teaching at Harvard Medical School and its affiliated hospitals, Dr. Mohiuddin developed an interest in international relief work and created a curriculum to encourage young American doctors to share their skills in the developing world.

Dr. Mohiuddin has no formal training in the Islamic sciences.  He considers himself a mainstream American-Muslim who believes that every prophet lived a timeless example of moderation and integrity.  He has no political agenda other than to close the gaps of disharmony between Jews, Christians, and Muslims. “By getting to know our prophets,” he writes, “we can hope to attain a more compassionate, more gracious version of ourselves.”

Dr. Mohiuddin is an avid reader and is particularly interested in studying how modern advances in cognitive and behavioral sciences can deepen our understanding of classical Islamic thought.

Ultimately his love for the outdoors brought him to Phoenix, Arizona where he enjoys trail-running, archery, and camping. He lives with his wife and son, and his parents live down the street.