Painting Heaven - Polishing the Mirror of the Heart


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  • Author: Al-Ghazali
  • ISBN: 9781941610138

By:Al-Ghazali, Demi and Coleman Barks
Illustrated By: Demi

This enchanting tale introduces both parents and children to the wondrous teachings from the world's beloved al-Ghazali (1058-1111CE). He tells us that the human heart is like a rusty mirror which, when polished through beauttiful doings, is able to reflect the Real Essence of all things which are normally hidden behind veils.

Besides the story beautifully told and illustrated by the acclaimed artist, Demi, included also is a poem by the renown poet, Coleman Barks. Both draw on the same account found in Ghazali's Marvels of the Hear, Book XXI, of his magnum opus, the Revival of Religious Sciences. Passages from this book are included as well.  

"If the Quran tells us that the heart is the essence of man, so that the Prophet on his Ascension saw the highest perfection with his heart (53:11), and if revelation itself descended 'on his heart', then the heart is the unique interface of the eternal and the finite realms..."

- T.J. Winter, University of Cambridge