Glimpses: The Life of the Blessed Prophet


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  • Author: Muhammad Husni Fayid
  • ISBN: 9781939256041

Glimpses provides essential information about the Prophet’s background, ancestry, character, and household, the various stages of his life, his miracles, and his political and military activities.  

Preface by Mostafa al-Badawi


1. The Early Years

The Prophet’s ﷺ noble lineage

Birth of the Prophet ﷺ


2. Before the Message

Marriage to Khadija

Character before Revelation

3. Revelation

The First Muslims

Bilal ibn Rabah

‘Umar ibn al-Khattab

The Year of Grief


4. The Night Journey

Consequences of the Night Journey

5. The Emigration
6. The Campaigns (Battles)


Messages to Kings


The Missed ‘Umra

The Conquest of Makka

The Battle of Hunayn

7. A Tremendous Character

The Praiseworthy Station

8. Miracles 

The Qur’an

The Splitting of the Moon

Rain falls at his request

Water gushing from between his fingers

Increasing the water in the Well of Hudaybiya

The Palm Trunk

The stone that greeted him

Qatada’s eye

The camel that prostrated itself before him

The Eye of the Heart

9. The Farewell Pilgrimage
10. To the Supreme Assembly
11. Life after death
12. The Prophet’s Household
13. The Companions

Paperback, 176 pages