Reassurance For The Seeker: A Biography And Translation Of Salih


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  • Author: Samer Dajani
  • ISBN: 9781887752985

This book is a collection of forty prophetic traditions distinguished by their focus on the spiritual journey of drawing nearer to God, as explicated by li al-Ja far , one of the most celebrated teachers of al-Azhar, Islam s leading institution of religious knowledge and most authoritative voice. In an age in which people increasingly search for truth, but are confused by opposing trends and controversies, the author s indisputable scholarship, wisdom, and spiritual insight help guide, inspire, and reassure the modern reader. This book includes a detailed biography of the shaykh, a translation of al-Ja far s commentary, al Faw id al Ja fariyya, as well as an illuminating treatise by A mad b. Idr s, one of his foremost teachers, on a ad th that concisely summarizes the spiritual nature of the Prophet Mu ammad. In concise and illuminating text, the book deals with matters relating to the nature of spiritual experience, nearness to and friendship with God, as well as death and the afterlife.