Spiritual Insights: The Threaded Pearls & Other Ba-A'lawi Treati


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Paperback, 174 Pages.

Spiritual Insights presents five classic treatises from the illustrious tradition of the Bā ‘Alawī Sayyids, scholars and spiritual masters of Ḥaḍramawt in southern Yemen, expertly translated with full commentaries.

The various aspects and levels of the ‘Alawīs’ teaching activity are amply reflected in this selection. ‘The Threaded Pearls’ describes how their methodology combines the complementary approaches of Imam al-Ghazālī and Imam Abū al-Ḥasan al-Shādhilī. ‘Insights for the Brethren’ expounds the bases of the religion as 'The Four Circles’: Islām, Īmān, Iḥsān, and ‘Irfān. ‘Unveiling the Truth’ answers four questions from correspondents about the legitimacy of certain individuals’ actions and sayings. ‘Prayer of the Drawn-Near’ discusses the difference between rational knowledge and deep cognition gained through direct, experiential ‘witnessing’. Lastly, ‘The Seven Stages of a Human Being’ explains the correspondences between the sensory and the Unseen and between the different hierarchical levels of Existence.



The Threaded Pearls: An Exposition of the Method of the ‘Alawi Sayyids

Al-‘Uqud al-lu’lu’iyya fi bayan tariqat al-Sada al-‘Alawiyya

by Habib Muhammad Ibn Husayn al-Habashi


The Four Circles: Insights for the Brethren on the Circles of Islam, Iman, Ihsan and Irfan

Fath Basa’ir al-Ikhwan bi-Sharh Dawa’ir al-Islam wa al-Iman wa al-Ihsan wa al-‘Irfan

by Habib Abd al-Rahman Balfaqih


Unveiling the Truth of the Sciences of Reality and Removing Confusion from the Practices of the Path

Kashf al-Haqq ‘an ‘Ulum al-Haqiqa Wa Tamyiz al-Talbis ‘an Rusum al-Tariqa

by Habib Abd al-Rahman Balfaqih

- The answer

- First Principle

- Second Principle

- Third Principle

- Fourth Principle

— What Imam al-Ghazali Said concerning Eagerness for Realities

— A Comment on the Difference between Imagination and Intelligence

— The Obligation to Accept the Beliefs of the Virtuous Predecessors

- Fifth Principle

— The Various States of People with Regard to the Science of Realities

- Sixth Principle

— The Difference between Revelation and Inspiration


Prayer of the Drawn-Near

by Habib al-Hasan Ibn Salih al-Bahr al-Jufri 

- Prayer of the Humble

- Prayer of the Drawn-Near


The Seven Stages of a Human Being

by Habib Ahmad Ibn Zayn al-Habashi

About The Author

Dr. Mostafa Badawi, the editor, translator, and commentator, is a distinguished authority on the history and teachings of the Bā ‘Alawī Sayyids. Also a practicing psychiatrist, Dr. Badawi is a resident of the Holy City of Madina.