Companions of the Prophet v2


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  • Author: Abdul Wahid Hamid
  • ISBN: 9780948196126

Companions of the Prophet v2, ABDUL WAHID HAMID.

This book highlights aspects of the lives of the thirty companions of the prophet, some famous, others almost completely known.

From the rich Islamic heritage. True and inspiring stories of sixty Companions including outstanding women.

These books provide a lively introduction to early Muslim history and inspiring models for Muslim values, attitudes and behaviour.

Here the trials and triumphs of the early Muslims as individual men and women are well-portrayed. Their various paths to Islam - sometimes direct, sometimes long and tortuous, their devotion to the noble Prophet, their hope in God and in the life to come, their endeavours in peace and in times of hardship and struggle - all serve to cast them in a heroic mould.

The Sahabah or Companions of the Prophet helped to lay the foundations of a new world order and it is fitting that they should be more widely known.