Women In Kuwait


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  • Author: HAYA AL-MUGHNI
  • ISBN: 0863563589

A unique portrait of Kuwaiti women, Women in Kuwait discusses a wide range of issues: the impact of the oil era; the growth of the state; the emergence of women's organizations in a male-dominated society; the recent Islamic revival; and the future prospects for women's participation in Kuwaiti society. The enfranchisement of women presents a significant challenge to Kuwait's traditional system of politics and tribe. This step in the democratization process is, however, more likely to strengthen, rather than weaken, state control over domestic politics. Based on first-hand research and an extensive analysis of gender and politics spanning three decades, the author demonstrates how the relationship between women and the state has come to influence and shape Kuwaiti society and national politics. This revised edition has been updated in light of the major political, social and cultural changes that have resulted from the Iraqi invasion and the ensuing Gulf War. It presents changes which have reshaped the course of the women's movement since 1990. It includes a new introduction as well as two new chapters on post-war feminist activism, the nature of the relationship between women and the state, the role of gender in Islamism and cultural politics and women's role during the Iraqi occupation.