The Laws of the Heart - An Introduction to the Spiritual Path of


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  • Author: Shaykh Muhammad Emin Er
  • ISBN: 9780990002666

[A5] Paperback - 168 pages
by Shaykh Muhammad Emin,
Published by Al-Madina Institute, USA.

“This is an excellent book about the spiritual life of a Muslim in accordance with the Shariahand the Sunnah. Its author was a saintly scholar of Islam who passionately dedicated his long life to practice the Sunnah externally and internally and to transmit it to his students the way he learned from his mentors.” ---Dr.Recep Sentürk, Istanbul.

“The most wonderful experience I had in the presence of Shaykh Muhammad Emin was observing his character. He was beautiful in the way he spoke, ate, smiled ,and walked. Everything he did was done with beauty. Allah imbued him with elegant majesty and elegant beauty.

I have never encountered anyone as spiritually and morally elegant as him. He was a living friend of God.” ---Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui.

“This brilliant text is a translation of a terse yet concise manual that maps the journey along the spiritual path written by the last Ottoman scholar, Shaykh Muhammad Emin Er. In keeping with the true scholarly tradition in Islam, the text demonstrates that the spiritual path entails rigorous observance of the Sunnah and pious adherence to the instructions of the Sharia. It is not merely a book to read, but more accurately a book that guides practice.”---Imam Khalid Abdur-Rashid