Jesus Son of Mary in the Qur'an and According to the Teachings


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  • Author: Maurice Gloton
  • ISBN: 9781887752817

Jesus Son of Mary in the Quran and According to the Teachings of Ibn Arabi 

The book is in ten chapters, the first 7 dealing with a detailed analysis of the characteristics of Islam: universality, unity, shahada, salawat, and then proceeding with the discussion on Jesus, Mary and the Christians in the Qur’an, with commentaries of each relevant chapter of the Qur’an, verse by verse. Chapters 8-10 deal with relevant extracts from Ibn Arabi’s Fusus al-hikam and Futuhat al-makkiyya on John the Baptist, Zachariah, the Prophet Muhammad, Jesus, and Mary. The book is concluded by a detailed documentation of the chronology of the pertinent Qur’anic verses and side comments.