Safinat al-Naja


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Safinat al-Naja is a classic manual of Islamic Doctrine and Jurisprudence according to the Shafi'i madhab  covers  the 5 Pillars (although this English Translation does not include the Hajj)

It covers the Following in a very simple and easy to understand Arabic as well as English

    Fundamentals of Faith and Sacred Law.
    The Prayer.
    The Book of funeral Law

Safinat al-Naja-Arabic and English.
by: Shaykh Salim ibn 'Abdullah ibn Sa'd ibn Samir al-Hadrami al-Shafi'i.

The Ship of Salvation- A beginners guide in Shafi Fiqh
Translation has a forward by Habib Mash'hur (Habib Umar's brother) and Shaikh Umar Khatib (one of the main teachers in Darul Mustafa in Tarim)
Translated by Faiz Qureshy