The Quran Translation by Thomas Cleary


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  • Author: Thomas Cleary
  • ISBN: 192969444X

This is a new and complete (English only) translation of the Qur'an-the Muslim scripture-by one of the premier translators of religious texts in the world. The meanings of this sacred text are rendered into the English language with subtle touches of poetry, allowing for the opportunity to fully understand the spirit and soul of the Qur'an. This direct and timely rendition is an essential source for the modern seeker.

Sura 3: Al 'Imran (verses 190-200)

Surely in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of night and day, are signs for people of understanding- those who remember God while standing, sitting, and on their sides, contemplating the creation of the heavens and the earth:

"Our Lord! You did not create this in vain! Glory to You! Keep us, then, from the torment of the fire! "Our Lord, whomever You cause to enter the fire You have disgraced; and there are no saviors for the unjust. "Our Lord, we have indeed heard someone calling, inviting us to faith- 'Believe in your Lord'-and we believed. So forgive us our sins, our Lord, and efface our evils; and take our souls with the just. "And grant us what You promised us, our Lord, according to Your messengers; and do not disgrace us on the day of resurrection. For You surely do not break a promise."

And their Lord answered them, "I am never unmindful of the work of a worker among you, male or female. You are from each other. So for those who emigrated or were driven from their homes or suffered harm for My sake, or fought or were killed, I will efface their evils and admit them to gardens below which rivers flow, as a reward from the presence of God. And the finest reward is in the presence of God."

Do not let the luck of atheists in the land deceive and seduce you. It is a little convenience; then their abode is hell. And what a miserable bed! But for those who are conscious of their Lord there are gardens below which rivers flow, wherein they will abide, a gift from the presence of God. And what is in the presence of God is best for the just. And surely there are those among the people of scripture who believe in God, and in what was revealed to you, and what was revealed to them, humble toward God: they do not sell the signs of God for a petty price. They have their reward, in the presence of their Lord. For God is quick in accounting.

O believers, be constant, excel in patience, and be firm. Be conscious of God, so that you may thrive.