Surah Ya Seen:A Collection of Ahadith,Commentary and Essays


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This book is an attempt to summarise the material covered by the Sura Ya Sin course and provide an introduction to the themes and styles of the Sura for as many people as possible. The first part is a translation of selected Prophetic traditions regarding the virtues of the Sura from exegeses literature. The second part contains a brief commentary to the Sura based for the most part on the work of Imam Fakhar al-Din al-Razi. Detailed references and illustrations of complex linguistic styles are omitted as the commentary aspires to appeal to a wide readership and is not intended to be a work of scholarship. It is our aim to publish a forth part of this book in the future which will be a fully referenced and detailed verse by verse commentary. The third part contains a diagram highlighting the themes common to Meccan Suras and a collection of essays by students.

The free course was taught initially as part of the CEI weekly Monday programme 2006 to 2007 and recently in Solihull West Midlands, 2008 to 2009.