Prophets in the Quran Volume 1 The Early Prophets


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  • Author: Iftekhar Bano Hussain
  • ISBN: 9781897940211

Prophets in the Quran Volume One The Early Prophets 
It is clear from the Quran that all the prophets were sent by Allah and guided by Allah, and it is for this reason that there are no contradistions between any of their original teachings. From one perspective it is possible to realise that all the prophets were sent in order to prepare the way for Muhammad, may the blessings and peace of Allah be on him and them, and that what happened to them was a source of reassurance for him. Initially they helped to sustain and calm the prophet Muhammad's heart, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, during the tremendous hardship and opposition that he endured when delivering the message that had been entrusted to him; they also, again and again, emphasised and clarified the nature of his task for him; and equally importantly, for all those who have followed him from that day to this, they have served as a means of guidance and inspiration for the believers, reminding them of the straight path and how to follow it. This is volume 1 of the series Prophets in the Quran.