Knowing The Qur'an


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  • Author: Muhammad Sajid Younus
  • ISBN: 9780956896551

  The Qur’ān is Allah’s last revelation to mankind; the fruit of all His guidance He has revealed since the beginning of creation. It was revealed to His last and greatest Prophet, Muhammad, through the archangel Gabriel, over a 23-year period. With just over 77,000 words, it is not just a literary masterpiece but a miracle, such that it challenges anyone to imitate it. Indeed, the greatest Arab orators and linguists were left dumbstruck by its composition and comprehensiveness. Despite its brevity, it is a treasure chest of unending wisdom and meanings, whilst its conciseness rejuvenates the reader.
Throughout the centuries, scholars in the art of tafseer (commentary and exegesis) have, in light of the prevailing times, endeavoured to explain the depth and breadth of the Quran’s eloquent message
Knowing the Quran is a unique work that brings together key classical and contemporary commentaries to reveal the Quran’s eternal message, including:
 The Companion Abdullah ibn Abbaas
 Imam Raazi’s Tafseer Kabeer,
 Tafseer Qurtubi,
 Tafseer Ibn Katheer,
 Tafseer Jalaalayn,
 Tafseer Ruh il Biyaan
 Tafseer Mazhari
 Tafseer Dhiyaa ul Quran,
 Tafseer Nur ul Irfaan,
 Tafseer Tibyaan ul Quran and
 Tafseer Ashrafi

This work has been compiled and written in an accessible manner and is a must for anyone interested in the Qur’ān, Muslim and non-Muslim, of all ages. This first volume focuses on the last 12 short chapters of the Qur’ān which most Muslims have memorised to heart and recite daily inside and outside their prayers.

184 pages, paperback