Wine Of Nishapur


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A beautiful edition featuring photographs specially captured to deepen our understanding of the magical words and ideas of Omar Khayyam, with original calligraphy and new English rendering. It sometimes requires a very subtle flair to discover the talent of some artists. Shahrokh Golestan is one of them. And we owe him a fresh perception of the poetic works of the great Persian scholar, poet, mathematician and astronomer, Omar Khayyam. A seasoned master in the art of photography, he has managed to reflect, with strong visual eloquence, the short quatrains, known around the world as the Rubaiyat, composed by the poet from Nishapur. The Wine of Nishapur, which has been available only to a limited number of enthusiasts since first published in 1988, can now be ordered from this publisher by all lovers of Persian art and the Rubaiyat.

In these original masterpieces that link the East and the West, visuals also include many Persian calligraphic transcriptions of the Rubaiyat by Master Nasrollah Afjei. The poems are penned in their original writing. The plates are the fruit of extensive research as to form and color, in compositions of rare exquisite beauty, and they confer to the publication a very special quality.
If Omar Khayyam will always be a source of delight to the lovers of poetry, the book was also created with the aim of attracting new readers and admirers, beyond the limits of existing schools, through an innovative approach. Karim Emami, a leading Iranian translator, accepted the challenge of undertaking yet another translation of the Rubaiyat into the English language.
Here is a true masterpiece, a fine tool for meditation for one and all.

Five-color printed jacket; 28 original color photos; 72 color Persian calligraphic art works; 39 b&w Persian calligraphic art works with 10 in black and gold.

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