Songs of Presence


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  • Author: Mustafa Styer

Songs of Presence is the new name for the Shadhili choral qasida collection Sheikh Nuh Keller asked Mustafa Styer to produce at the end of the 2005 Markfield Suhba. The first edition, Echoes from Eternity, has been sold out for around two years.

Qasida selection

The basis of Echoes from Eternity was Sheikh Iyad al-Ghawj’s orginal collection produced for Sheikh Nuh. Echoes was fortified by the selections of Sidi Abu Munir and Sheikh Salah al-Kurdi and requests from individuals for qasidas that are sung in Shadhili and Sufi gatherings.

The second edition was renamed Nasa’im al-Hadra by Sheikh Nuh. Nasa’im al-Hadra (Songs of Presence in English) includes 80 new qasidas. These are mostly provided by the son of Sidi Abu Munir, Sidi ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Sha’’ar—previously the head munshid of the Nuriyya and Ward Mosque—who was able to relate exactly which qasidas Sheikh ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Shaghouri (may his inmost soul be sanctified) promoted, by virtue of preferring those conveying the sublime meanings of the Shadhili tariqa. He was also able to describe the textual variants Sheikh ‘Abd al-Rahman preferred and often his reasons for such. Many of these discussions have been summarised in the expanded English notes.