Echoes from Eternity


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  • Author: Mustafa Styer
  • ISBN: 9780956016133

Echoes From Eternity.

In 2005 after a hadrah, Sheikh Nuh Keller requested that fifty to seventy-five qasidahs commonly sung at the Damascene Shadhili gatherings be collected, to be used for choral singing whenever the fuqara' gather. The qasidahs, he instructed, should include easily learned choruses to aid participation by those not intimate with Arabic.

This collection of one hundred qasidahs ('odes', the Arabic plural being qasa'id) is intended to be the fulfillment of the noble Sheikh's request. Most have been chosen from the living tradition of the Shadhiliyyah Sufi Order in the Levant, the remainder being of North African origin. These qasidahs are melodious and have refrains that are easily learnt.