My Little Lore of Light


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  • Author: Hajjah Amina Adil
  • ISBN: 1930409354

My Little Lore of Light Hajjah Amina Adil, Adapted & Illustrated by Karima Sperling - Published by ISCA - 2005 This gem of a book is a children's version of teacher/scholar Hajjah Amina Adil's 4-volume work 'Lore of Light': the stories of the prophets from Adam(a.s.) to Muhammad (s.a.w.s), drawn from traditional Ottoman sources. Her stories give life to the past and meaning to the present. Until her passing in 2004, Hajjah Amina received many thousands of visitors, for whom she cheerfully cooked and cleaned. She continued a time-honored tradition in using the stories of the Prophets to teach and enthrall the circle of women and children who gathered around her every day in her humble home in Cyprus. This book wonderfully illustrates the numerous connections between the Abrahamic traditions. Included are the stories of Adam, Seth, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Moses , David, Jesus and many other prophets, all presented according to Islamic knowledges. This book is intended for reading out loud to young children and to be read by older children for themselves. Each story is illustrated by line drawings suitable for reproduction for coloring. The style of drawing was adapted from an early classical Islamic text, the 'Jami' al Tavarikh' by Rashid al Din. In keeping with traditional Islamic approach, the pictures were kept flat and two-dimensional and are intended as mnemonic devices symbolizing ideas or themes rather than as realistic portrayals. Elementary (Ages 9 - 12) - Literature, Social Studies - 204 pp. - paperback