The Compendium of Prophetic Beauty: As-Shamail Al-Muhammadiyya


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  • Author: Mishari Alafasy
  • ISBN: 9780957571808

The Shama'il as written by Imam al-Tirmidhi, [209 -279H]
Translated and annotated by Muhammad Danyal.
Published by Itrah Publications, UK.
286 pages

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This translation of al-Shamā’il al-Muhamadiyya is a complete translation of all 415 narrations of the original Arabic text. For the ease of the reader, the chains of narration have been omitted in the translation but retained within the original Arabic. All linguistic and narrator related notes have been omitted from the translation. Where Imām Tirmidhī has commented on the meaning of a particular word, rather than translate the commentary, the meaning has been employed within the translation.The translation and annotations are in plain English and have been kept as simple as possible in order to cater to a wider audience. The translation is as close to the Arabic text as possible, however, where a literal translation would seem discordant to the correct etiquette that must be maintained when speaking of the Messenger of Allāh, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, the text has been translated as best befitting.

For the sake of annotation we employed the use of a series of commentaries on the Shamā’il, as well as a number of independent works on the topic. Namely the commentaries of: Imām al-Bājūrī, Imām Ibn Ḥajr al-Haythamī, Mulla ‘Alī al-Qārī, Imām al-Manāwī, Imām Jasūs and Imām al-Suyūṭī. As well as employing the use of the independent works of Imām al-Nabhānī and Imām Naqī ‘Alī Khān al-Baraylawī. The annotation focuses largely on the topic of the Shamā’il itself rather than elaborating on the various differences of opinion or Fiqh rulings which can be extracted from select narrations.

As the Shamā’il was not authored with a formal and explanatory introduction, we have inserted the introduction of Imām Yusuf al-Nabhānī’s Wasā’il al-Wuṣūl at the beginning of the work. We have also inserted two appendices at the end of the work: A Concise Biography of Imām Tirmidhī by Shaykh ‘Abd al-Ḥaq al-Muhaddith al-Dehlawī and a series of additional narrations on the topic of the Shamā’il taken from Ibn al-Jawzī’s al-Wafā bi Ahwāl al-Muṣṭafā.

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