Unveiling Islam


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  • ISBN: 9790946621323

Alone among the world’s religions, Islam is not just surviving but flourishing. Yet many people know little about Islam and regard its continuing attraction as something of a mystery. In this book, Du Pasquier, an award-winning Swiss journalist, provides a thorough introduction to Muslim belief, history and culture. He deals not only with topical issues such as ‘fundamentalism’ and the status of Muslim women, but provides an overview of the Qur’an, the Prophet, Islamic history, and the nature of Muslim art and literature. Unbiased yet passionate, the book offers an ‘unveiling’ which must be heeded if the present mutual incomprehension between East and West is to be overcome.

The late Roger Du Pasquier was a Swiss journalist whose features on the Muslim world reflect a lifetime of experience and study. In 1988 he was awarded the coveted French Author’s association prize.

‘This book offers an exceptionally lucid and concise introduction to Islam specially intended for those with little prior knowledge or understanding of it … The author is endowed with a pronounced gift for thoroughly explaining complex issues or ideas in only a very few words.’
Maryam Jameelah, Muslim World Book Review

‘In this excellent translation by T. J. Winter from the French original, the principal tenets of Islamic faith are presented elegantly and succinctly … Recommended to both non-Muslims who want to learn more … and to Muslims who find their commitment wavering, and are in need of intellectual reinforcement.’