Al-Quds: The Place of Jerusalem in Classical Judaic & Islam


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  • Author: Mohammed Abdul Hameed Al-Khateeb
  • ISBN: 9781897940792

This book is a comparative study of the place of al-Quds (Jerusalem) in the classic Judaic and Islamic traditions. Al-Quds functions as an important holy place and as a central religious symbol within three great religious traditions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In the western world the Christian and Jewish sacred histories of Jerusalem are well known but the Islamic sacred history is less well known.

By studying al-Quds comparatively with respect to the Judaic and Islamic traditions, the author brings to light the Islamic traditions perspective. He concludes that only the Muslims have acted as guardians of al-Quds for all mankind irrespective creed, and that only the Muslims are capable of assuming that role again, so that it will be again, as it is meant to be, a City of Peace.