Al-Wafi - A Thorough Commentary on the Forty Nawawiyyah


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  • Author: Shaykh Mustafa Dib Al-Bugha and Shaykh Muhyi Ad-Di
  • ISBN: 9789811488467

Shaykh Mustafa Dib Al-Bugha and Shaykh Muhyi Ad-Din Dib Mistu
Mahdi Lock (translation)
Paperback, 422

Al-Wafi is a well-known Arabic book on the commentary of forty hadiths compiled by the great jurist and hadith scholar Imam Abu Zakariyya Yahya ibn Sharaf al-Nawawi, commonly known as al-Nawawi or Imam Nawawi (d. 676 AH).

The book is widely used in schools and religious classes. It has been translated into several languages and this work is the first in English. It is authored by two of Damascus' most respected scholars, Shaykh Mustafa Dib Al-Bugha and Shaykh Muhyi Ad-Din Dib Mistu.

This book is ideal for those who wish to read for personal edification as well as those who would like to conduct classes. Every hadith is followed by a detailed explanation of its importance, its vocabulary, followed by its figh rulings, along with other insights that can be gleaned from it.

It is hoped that as the reader reads through the text, his understanding and appreciation of the Prophet's words ﷺ will deepen, and he will also come to see the immense wisdom in Imam an-Nawawi's choices. If Allah so wills, the reader will emerge with a broader and more thorough understanding of Islam.

About the Authors: 

He is the beloved scholar, Prof. Dr Muṣṭafā Dīb al-Bughā al-Maydānī ad-Dimashqī ash-Shāfiʿī, born in the year 1938M/1354AH in the district of Maidan in the city of Damascus, Syria.  He specialised in Comparative Fiqh and the methods used in judging evidence according to different madhhabs. Amongst his teachers were Imam Hasan Habanakah al-Maidani and his students Khairu Yasīn al-Maydānī, Hāni al-Mubarak, Ḥusayn Khaṭṭāb, and Muḥammad Kurayyim Rājih while he was in Damascus.

Shaykh Muṣṭafā al-Bughā has authored and commented upon numerous books on numerous areas in fiqh and is well-respected throughout the Muslim world for his deep knowledge and charisma in discussing intricate matters. He has taught and lectured in many different Universities throughout the world, which includes, Qatar, Jordan, Malaysia, and Dagestan.


Shaykh Dr Muḥyī ad-Dīn Dīb Mistū, a professor and renowned author from Damascus Syria. He is regarded as the teacher of scholars and a respected lecturer at the Al-Fatḥ Islamic Institute, which offers undergraduate and postgraduate studies for both male and female students from all over the world.

To date, Shaykh Muḥyī ad-Dīn has either authored or co-authored eighty-two written publications of books and research papers. Most of his books are well known and used in Islamic institutions and universities throughout the world. While the majority are written in Arabic, there are some that are translated into Malay, French and Urdu.