The Body Of The Prophet's Nation


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  • Author: Habib Muhammed Ahmad B.Abdul Rahman Al-Saqqaf
  • ISBN: 9780991682706

The Body of the Prophet’s Nation, also know in the arabic as Jasad ul Umma.  The translation was done by our respected brother Mohammed Mbaye with the permission of Habib Muhammad and a beautiful intro by Dr. Muhannad Elaiwe al-Sayed Ali al-Husani.

Habib Muhammad has authored a beautiful treaties and gives us an insight upon the words of The Beloved Prophet of Allah, Muhammad (May the peace and blessing be upon him) where he was recorded in a Hadith saying: “The example of the believers in their reciprocal love and mercy for each other is like a human body, when one of its organs suffers, the rest of the body remains awake and suffers from fever.” Narrated by Ahmad, Muslim and Shihab

Habib Muhammad is active in the path of da‘wa, calling to Allah: he has established numerous circles of ‘ilm (sacred knowledge), for both youth and adults and has ad administered many courses that target different needs of young people in current times.