Dying And Living For Allah


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The Last Will of Khurram Murad's essentially a wake up call, not just to his kith and kin, but all the Muslims. In accordance with the Quran and Sunnah, this Will is a nasihah advising, commending and enjoining a life based on loyalty to Allah, striving for the akhira, being particular to one's responsibilities towards others and sharing the divine message with all human beings. The forty gems that make up this call are Khurram Murad's last gift. They provide a window to his heart and soul spelling out clear- cut guidelines for self purification and preparation for the struggle of life. This work is a great sadaqah jariyyah and will, for years to come be a beacon of light in a world haunted by darkness and gloom.
Khurram Murad author of the best selling Way to the Qur'an and Who is Muhammad was a visionary scholar who contributed immensely in contemporary times towards the renaissance of Islamic learning and thought, he was involved in Islamic da'wah and inter-faith dialogue in the West for many years. In this connection, he addressed dozens of conferences and seminars. His contributions in initiating and promoting strategic thinking on da'wah issues in Muslim countries as well as in countries where Muslims are in a minority have been immense.
As a leader of the Islamic Movement of Pakistan, which struggled for the rights of the people, he was detained in prison without trial in 1964 in Dhaka for three months and was also a Prisoner of War for almost three years in India after the fall of Dhaka in December 1971.His death came in December 1996 ( Sha'ban 1417 AH) in Leicester UK.

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