Simple Steps in Quran Reading Parts 1-3


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  • Author: Abu-Saalihah Bin Ayyub
  • ISBN: 9781848280953

Simple Steps In Qur'aan Reading (3 Vols) - New 2008 Edition.

The complete edition of 'Simple Steps In Qur'aan Reading'. As the name suggests, only a few simple steps are required to correctly recite and pronounce the Arabic alphabet letters directly from the Qur'aan.

  • Arabic words taken directly from the Qur'aan (except Part One)
  • Use of 'Majidi' fonts resembling the 'Majidi' script
  • Use of professional designers for the overall outlay and design
  • Adoption of colour coding for ease of understanding and recitation
  • Addition of simple colour coding from Surah Al-Fajr to Al-Naas to aid in remembering the rules of Tajweed
  • Accompanying Audio CD's are also available: Simple Steps In Qur'aan Reading (Audio CD's)