Risalatul Haq - A Discussion About Old Age and Death


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  • Author: Habib Ali bin Isa bin Abdulkader Alhadad

Risalatul Haq: A Discussion About Old Age and Death is a short thesis written by Habib Ali bin Isa bin Abdulkader Alhadad in the 1970s. Now translated for the first time in English and available in USA and South East Asia. Edited by Habib Ali's son, Abdulkader Alhadad (editor and publisher of Treatise on Discipline in the Path of The Seeker (Risalatul Murid).

From the Foreword by Habib Ali's son:

"A Muslim should not wait for the time when one is considered old to think that death is near. Whilst only Allah, the Exalted, knows when a person's time is due, knowing the deeds to perform when one is sick, visiting the sick or approaching death helps us to remember Allah, the Most Merciful, and makes it easy for the sick and dying person to cope with the process of death. Everyone should be aware and be prepared for the unexpected death of his or her family member, young or old and the practices during such difficult times as conducted by the Prophet, may Allah's blessings and peace be upon him."

This book includes some of the prayers and invocations that Imam Abdullah bin Alawi Alhaddad, may Allah be pleased with him, compiled.

Chapter titles:

  1. The Sick – Manners and Conduct in Visiting
  2. When Death Approaches
  3. Prepare the Deceased Before Bath
  4. The Funeral Prayers
  5. Death and the Burial
  6. Visiting the Grave
  7. The Living may Help the Dead!
  8. First Night in the Grave
  9. The Spirit (Soul) [Ruh] Journey after Death