The Unfulfilled Legacy (CD) - Zaid Shakir


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  • Author: Zaid Shakir

This special selection from Zaytuna's 2005 "Ethnic Jihad" Minara program looks at how Muslims can honor and fulfill the spiritual and cultural legacy they have inherited. Imam Zaid highlights the importance of maintaining families, cultivating spirituality, and leveraging the blessings and opportunities of our time.

CD 1 -
Opening, The Struggle to Maintain our Families
Cultivating Spirituality, Love and Mercy
Hope and the Problem of Despair
Seizing our Literary and Cultural Heritage
Opportunites Allah has Given Us
Delivering the Message, "Real Dawah"

CD 2 - Questions and Answers
Bridges the Muslim Gaps
Muslim Slaves and American Indians
Dawah Through Good Character and Example
Respecting Parents, Respecting Children
Muslim Narrative, Taking the Baton